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22 August 2008 @ 07:40 pm
New rules  
sorry I didn't check up with the other mods. but it needs to be said


-Break the rules and you must repent for your sins.
-Mods are basically in charge of whats what. If they want Spencer's head on a grandma, YOU BEST GIVE THEM SPENCER'S HEAD ON A GRANDMA.
-If you don't do the penance, you will be b&. Consider penance a 2nd chance. You get to ~prove yerself and save yer hide in one go.
-Don't half-ass it. I'LL HALF ASS YOU.
-You ask for a Penance, I see your ass b7'd so fast you won't even know what happened.
-Do not deliberately break the rules just because you want a penance.
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